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Welcome to Camp Awkward!

Where silence is the beginning, the middle, and the end.

Camp Awkward
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Welcome to Camp Awkward!

Now practically bedbug-free! (No guarantees.)

camp_awkward is the virtual home of poppy_carpenter and cremlae. Camp Awkward is also the name of our physical home, a sparsely furnished mobile home in Mountain View, Ca that sometimes smells like coconuts. Family and friends are always welcome at Camp Awkward, and membership is open at camp_awkward. Anyone can become an Awkward Camper!

Official Camp Awkward activities include the Camp Awkward Book Club, Camp Awkward vegetarian candy excursions, the Camp Awkward Debate/Argument Club, the Camp Awkward TV Favorites Rewatch Project, and Date Poppy for Science. Most activities are open to all campers, though many occur spontaneously and some (such as Camp Awkward vegetarian candy excursions) are available only to those currently living or staying at Camp Awkward. Please direct any activity suggestions to the official Camp Awkward Activities Director suggestion thread (located here), or the official Camp Awkward whiteboard (located within Camp Awkward).

At this time, introduction posts are encouraged for new members! They are not required, however, since a random stranger's remarks in our community can only increase the awkwardness. Of course, the community's maintainers withhold the right to moderate or delete any community content, entirely at their whim and without any warning. This is our sandbox, so play nice. (At this point, it has been established that pornographic spammers will be deleted and blocked.)
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